What is an Award Letter on Letterman Jacket?

A jacket that represents pride and is also a go-to fashion statement for all, letterman jackets are the evergreen style. Letterman jackets have been around for a long time. We are talking about a century-long.

Started in the 1880s, it now holds a very prominent position in every educational institute. Most people do not know about the history and importance of a letterman jacket. So, here we are answering one of the most asked questions, “What is an award on letterman jacket?”

Varsity jackets started back in 1875 for a Harvard varsity team. The alphabet “H” got sewed on their sweatshirt representing the institution’s initial alphabet. It gave the team a sense of unity, as they all represented Harvard in the sports. All team members including team captain wore the varsity shirt.

As time passed, more and more institutions started adapting to the same method, and it grew popular across the country. Hence, today, custom letterman jackets are one of the most worn pieces of clothing among the high school activities and university baseball teams.

However, the letterman jackets are not restricted solely to the teams and universities. Many people of every age wear it for fashion, and it has been a hit since it suits every personality, age, and gender. You can style your custom letter jacket however you want without having to worry about the outcome. It looks great paired with everything you wear.

The overall look with custom letterman jackets is the best.

As fashion, letterman jackets always peaked as in the 1980s and 2010s, the letterman jacket got adopted in hip-hop fashion where different companies created their versions. It is a type of clothing that never really went out of style. Even today, many genuine manufacturers make the best varsity jackets.

The Letter on the Letterman Jacket

Although we do not know when the high schools adopted it, the yearbook of Phoenix high school in their yearbook of 1911 had a picture of their players wearing a sweater that had “P” sewed on the left side of their chest. Following this pattern, every jacket given to the varsity team was customized and got presented as an award. Slowly, the letters got sewed on the leather sleeves and wool-bodied jackets.

Today, the chenille patches / varsity letter on the customized letterman jacket is more of a decorative clothing accessory as there is no standard set as to how you should customize it. Every school uses different alphabet initials representing their school and university teams. Various channels letters come in different designs and sizes. It is possible to create your own custom letter jacket by building it out of scratch, regardless of the material you prefer.

Some educational institutions stick to the traditional straight block style, while others get it made in script style, 3D style, two-three monogram, etc. A student in the high school initially receives the letterman jacket only with one letter, but as he progresses with the teams and performance, his awards on the jackets also increase. The additional designs on the custom letter jackets are added by embroidery or whatever other material the institute asks the manufacture to create.

The importance of a letterman jacket in a student’s life is very unique and special. And this experience of owning a custom letter jacket should be memorable too. That’s why, at websites like Clothoo, you can customize a seamless, faultless letterman jacket through their jacket builder option to personalize your letterman jacket.

The website also takes bulk orders that are suitable for every institution. Make sure to choose a platform where the best letterman jackets are made and where your requirements get catered to in the best way possible.

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